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Of all the industry choices for a recruiter to select, perhaps the most convoluted and diverse is the Electronics marketplace. First, it is divided into two major categories - - Electronic Components and Electronic Products. On the component side, there is an immediate subdivision into Active devices (semiconductors) and Passives (all non-semiconducting electronic devices). In the Active world, there are two separate classes of components: discrete devices (e.g. diodes, LEDs) and integrated circuits (ICs). And, if you truly wanted to specialize, most of these classes can be further segmented into “signal level” and “power” parts. Most recruiters, however, who choose “Actives” as a specialty desk, include all types of semi products in their searches for talent. On the Passive side, there is a plethora of components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers, connectors, crystals, relays, switches, lamps - - to name a few), and each of these components can be sub-divided into specialty items, depending on the electrical characteristics and/or the package configurations desired/required . Once again, recruiters who work in this area usually include all types of Passives in their product basket.  To further complicate matters, advances in electronics over the past few years (diminished sizes/increased operating frequencies, etc.) have necessitated changes to many components due to the influence of such advances on the electrical characteristics of these devices.

Now comes the other major category of “Electronic Products”. When a recruiter ventures into this field, his/her choices become even greater. The breadth of products offers what seems to be an endless variety of opportunities. A small fraction of such choices would include Optoelectronics/Lasers, Power Supplies, Communication Products, Instrumentation, Test & Measurement Equipment, Computers, Data Storage, Networking/Internet Products, Software/Firmware, etc., etc. - - and, further breakdowns are associated with product types sited.

Given the huge number of companies in any given Electronic Product category, recruiters usually select a specific type of product and build their desk around these companies, which is unlike the Component side of Electronics. For example, a specialty desk might only be Optoelectronics/Lasers, or Power Supplies. Since Global SearchPoint works both sides of this gigantic Electronic marketplace, we focus on talent requirements from companies that manufacture either components or finished products. Our recruiting specialty remains unchanged, however, in that “technical needs” dominate our efforts, regardless of where these needs arise.

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