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The Electrical industry can be divided into two primary categories: (1) suppliers of raw materials and electrical component parts, and (2) OEM manufacturers of electrical equipment and electrical contractors who serve utilities and large industrial complexes throughout the U. S, Canada and Mexico. The scope of companies that makes up either category covers a huge array of products and services, and recruiters have a wide choice of where they wish to participate.

It all starts with raw materials and component parts. A few examples of raw materials and component parts for electrical transformers would be wire, insulating oils, bushings, load-tap changers, breakers, relays, etc. Suppliers of such items give recruiters many opportunities for finding needed talent. On the electrical equipment and services side, products range from generation, transmission & distribution, protection & controls and power conditioning devices - - to name a few, coupled with the installation and maintenance thereof. The breadth of electrical products and services, and the manufacturers and providers that make up this industry segment are immense. To further complicate matters, each primary and sub-segment of either category requires very specific education and experience, and the talent pool can sometimes become quite limited.

We (Global SearchPoint) have recruited within ALL segments of the electrical industry - - raw materials and electrical component parts, product-related electrical OEMs and services, and installation and maintenance contractors. Although we recruit for positions across all disciplines within any company, our recruiting focus has been on technical jobs within R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing. Other departments such as Finance, HR and IT, have also been a part of our recruiting services, albeit to a much lesser degree.

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