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Electronic Materials

Raw/Semi-Finished Electronic Materials are an integral part of all electronics manufacturing, regardless of whether one is producing components or finished electronic products. Suppliers of basic raw materials to component companies (e.g., tantalum or ceramic powders, high-purity aluminum foil, platinum/ palladium alloy termination metals, special magnetic wire, nichrome wire, ethylene glycol, carbon compounds, silicon materials, specialty laminate materials for circuit boards - - the list is virtually endless), and semi-finished materials to manufacturers of electronic end-products (e.g. product cases, wire harnesses, special displays, etc. ), are a whole category of companies for recruiters to work in.

Given the nature of all Electronic Materials businesses (creating innovative and/or improved product characteristics for their clients), these companies typically require R&D scientists and advance degreed, experienced personnel. Needless to say, some of these technical searches becomes “challenging”, and most consume a considerable amount of time. As such, many of these assignments are handled on an engaged or retained basis.

Global SearchPoint has worked with many of these Electronic Materials suppliers, and we, for the most part, understand their needs. Over the years, we have contacted and retained the credentials of many exceptional scientific individuals, which has contributed immensely to our success in filling specific needs in this industry via direct placements or referrals.

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