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Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting is not an industry per se, but rather a necessary function within every company that manufactures and sells a product or renders a service for a fee.  The structure of a Finance Department will depend upon the company size and complexity of its operations - - there is no “typical” organizational structure.  About the only common element within the numerous structural possibilities is that financially-related matters of most companies are directed by a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or a Director of Finance, although even these titles may differ within a given organization.  Most Finance Departments are responsible for three (3) general areas of financial activities: Administration, Services and Systems.  Within these areas are multiple disciplines, each managed separately by a Department Head, or by Sub-Discipline Managers.   Several recognizable examples of Department Heads/Sub-Discipline Managers would be a Controller/Accounts Payable Manager and a Materials Manager/Purchasing Manager.        

The three (3) general areas of financial activities mentioned above and some examples of their typical sub-function sections are: (1) Administrative Affairs (Investor Relations & Financial Reporting, Financial Planning & Budgets); (2) Financial Services (Accounting [General/AP/AR/Costs], Auditing, Materials Management [Purchasing, Warehouse, Inventory Control], Payroll/Benefits & Insurance, Taxation, Risk Management); and (3) Financial Systems  (Information Management, Computer Support).  Needless to say, there are many, many positions that make up even the simplest of structures. 

From time to time, our clients have engaged our services to locate qualified candidates for virtually every position noted above.  Global SearchPoint has had remarkable success in finding talent to fill these Finance & Accounting jobs, ranging from CFOs to Auditors.  A measure of our success can be attributed to the large number of qualified candidates we have available in our database system.

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