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Jack R. Bush

Vice President
(843) 748-0992

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When Management Recruiters of Durham South was created in late 2000, Jack assumed the title of Vice President – Operations / Co-Owner, given that he already held a VP – Marketing/New Business Development position with SEI Electronics in Raleigh, NC.  Needless to say, his role with MR/DS was extremely passive, and only when major business decisions were under consideration did he actively participate. 

Prior to joining the staff of Management Recruiters of Durham South in January of 2004, Jack spent 41+ years in a variety of industries, including Plastics (Injection Molding and Dielectric Films), Electrical Equipment and Passive Electronics.  Over the years, he has held Product Management, Marketing/Sales Management, Area/Regional Sales Management and Application/Development Engineering assignments with such companies as Armstrong Cork, General Electric, Sprague Electric, Bourns, Kemet Electronics and AVX Corporation (retired in mid-2000).  He concluded his career with SEI Electronics in Raleigh, NC in late 2003, having served as VP – Marketing/New Business Development for 3 ½ years. 

A 1962 graduate of Duke University, Jack brings extensive professional experience and application engineering knowledge to Management Recruiters of Durham South.  This combination is a great asset in pre-screening candidates, both technical and non-technical, to find the best talent for many of the positions worked on by MR/DS.  Jack also serves as a technical advisor to the Account Executives and coordinates the activities of the Project Teams assigned to specific search assignments.

Dedicated to providing all clients, regardless of industry, with the “best of the best” to match their specific job needs, Jack works hard to narrow the field to no more than three or four qualified candidates per position.  Operating on the basis that clients have better things to do with their time than screening candidates, (that’s an Account Executive’s job), he truly believes this kind of effort made MR/DS a valuable staffing partner for its clients. 

For the past several months, Jack has been active with many of the tasks associated with setting up our new company, Global SearchPoint.  Having spent a considerable amount of time dealing with issues related to closing down Management Recruiters of Durham South and activating Global SearchPoint, Jack is now looking forward to the more traditional activities associated with the executive search business.  In the new company, he will maintain his role as VP – Operations and essentially undertake the same tasks as previously assigned.      

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